Company Profile

UniEarth is founded by professionals from the electrical and chemical engineering industry who have developed many innovative and cost effective products for the construction industry since 1993. Our competence in this area has helped us at all times in adding and upgrading our product range to meet the increasing demand of the Indian industry. The Company is supported by experienced industry experts.The Company has its head office in Delhi and a branch office in Kolkata and manufacturing units in Delhi and Kolkata. The Company is now a complete products and solution provider for Grounding Systems and Lightning Protection System and successfully serving industries like construction, IT, healthcare, chemical, electrical, power etc.


30+ years of manufacturing experience with in-house testing facilities


Unique Problem-solving designs, quality manufacturing, and professional installation team.


We are experts in under-raft earth mats and lightning protection as per IEC, NBC, NFC norms.

Our Products

Chemical Earthing

  • Flat in Pipe Earthing Electrode
  • Pipe in Pipe Earthing Electrode
  • Copper bonded steel rods
  • G.I. / Copper bonded /Copper electrodes
  • Ground Enhancing Compounds
  • FRP Earth Pit Inspection Covers
  • Test Link Boxes in G.I / FRP

Lighting Protection

  • Lightning Protection System as per IEC / IS 62305 and NBC.
  • UL Certified FRANCE PARATONNERRES ESE Lightning arrester.
  • Analog and Digital Timestamp Lightning Strike Counter with
    Smartphone connectivity.
  • Spike type lightning arresters in Copper and other metals.+91-8700381474

Bonding and overvoltage protection

  • Exothermic Welding.
  • Surge Protection Devices.