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UniEarth Protecting Man and Machine

Flat in Pipe Electrode

Designed on the principle of Flat-in-pipe technology the annular space between the inner flat and the external electrode is filled with UniEarth Electrofill – a compound which aids in increasing the service life , electrical conductivity and current withstand capacity of the earthing electrode. It is sealed cautiously from both the ends. A terminal with suitable sized diameter holes for easy connection to the load.

  • GI Electrode is hot dip galvanized with a coating thickness of 86-100 microns.
  • Copper Electrode is copper coated to a thickness of 100-250 microns.
  • Pipe Cavity filled with UniEarth Electrofill-a conductive mixture.
  • Provides high electrical conductivity and resists corrosion.
  • Maintenance free , easy installation, Long service life.
  • Suitable for normal soil conditions.