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UniEarth Protecting Man and Machine

UniEarth Conventional Lightning Arrester

In the phenomena of lightning , buildings are subjected to the danger of being struck by it causing catastrophic damage. To prevent such mishaps a metal conductor or rod is mounted on the top of the building which is electrically connected to the earth through a metallic strip or wire. In case of a lightning strike , lightning will preferentially strike the arrester, and be conducted harmlessly to the ground, instead of passing through the building.

Features of UniEarth Conventional Lightning Arrester
  • Lightning Spike Rod:- Lightning rod made of Copper which is mounted on top of a building intercept the incoming lightning discharge.
  • Down Conductor:- A down conductor provides the connecting path between the rod and the earth pit for the discharged current to travel safely into the ground.
  • Earthing: In Lightning discharge, a chemical Earthing (grounding) system is of importance to ground the discharged current.
  • Low cost and high durability.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available in 2 meter and 3 meter length.