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UniEarth Protecting Man and Machine

What is Earthing

Earthing is a system of electrical connections to the general mass of earth. It is the process of creating an alternate path for the flow of excessive fault current into the ground. The main purpose of earthing in an electric installation is the safety of man and machine and continuity of the electrical system.

Traditional Earthing System

The traditional earthing with GI pipe, salt and charcoal is corrosion prone and requires watering at regular intervals. After some time the salt starts to corrode the earth pipe and increases resistance by manifold. This results in premature failure of the earthing system.

Loss of human life and property due to improper earthing

Every year due to excessive release of electrical current and improper earthing a large number of people get shocked in hot water showers, electric cooking and in other applications. Beside fire accidents and human safety, sensitive computers and electronic devices fail to operate properly. It is a matter of regret that very little has been done to upgrade the old earthing system for the protection of vital equipment, property and human life.


Survey conducted by our team in and around Delhi has found that more than 70 percent of conventional earthing pits are corroded and do not perform. The rest of the earth pits work at a reduced capacity.

Maintenance Free Earthing Systems

Today people use highly sensitive and critical equipments for which a high performance earthing system is of paramount importance. An effective earthing system provides an easy and shortest path to the flow of excessive fault current into the earth in a safe manner without affecting the continuity of service.

After years of research , Nutech Products has developed UniEarth Maintenance Free Earthing Systems which has overcome the problems of corrosion and increase in resistance associated with the conventional earthing systems.

    Maintenance free Earthing has the following features :

  • Low resistance path
  • High Conductivity.
  • Fast Current Dissipation.
  • Non –Corrosive.
  • High Moisture Retentivity.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Long life.
  • High Reliability.
UniEarth Maintenanace Free Earthing Conventional type earthing
Ohmic values remain constant throughout the life of the system as UNIEARTH GEC and IGC retain moisture throughout the years. Ohmic values are erratic during the life of the system as moisture in all the seasons varies with the ambient temperature of the ground.
Projected life of more than 15 years and operating characteristics remain unchanged for a long period of time ensuring the protection of equipments connected to the earthing system. Life of 3-4 years depending on the maintenance of earthing system by electricians and therefore leading to uncertainty of protection of equipments connected to the earthing system.
UniEarth GEC and IGC have hygroscopic properties allowing it to retain moisture throughout the life of the system. Salt used gets dissolved in water and becomes water itself , thereby losing its hygroscopic properties and dries up in course of time.
UniEarth GEC and IGC are anti corrosive prolonging the life of earthing system. Salt used is a corrosive electrolyte which decays the pipe reducing the life of the system.
UniEarth GEC and IGC has high burning temperature and will not turn to ash under high fault currents. Coal used turns to ash under high value of fault currents.
UniEarth electrodes can withstand high values of short circuit current. Low quality pipe and plates are used.
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